Baby Wearing

There are numerous benefits to babywearing – in short, it can make life easier for mama (or daddy!) and baby. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ ABOUT WEARING YOUR BABY SAFELY IN EACH OF THE LISTINGS. Babywearing has been an essential part of child rearing in many cultures for centuries; in recent decades the practice has grown in popularity in Western cultures as parents have come to realize its many advantages.


  • Beautiful Day Reversible Pouch
    This stylish, modern, black and white floral print goes with any baby-and any outfit. Made with soft, luxurious 100% cotton, it reversible side is true black. Padded side protection. Interlocking zipper system customises to all body types. Machine washable and tumble-dry low.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Peacock Johnny Reversible Sling
    This gorgeous patterned design in blue black and white able to be used for either boys or girls . The fabric is made of soft, luxurious 100% cotton. A patterned zip pocket completes the look, which can hold your keys, wallet or a few extra nappies. Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low.
    NZ$ 115.00