$30 - $40

  • Something for Mum
    Two super-stylish stone bracelets which double as feeding reminders!
    NZ$ 35.95
  • Lambskin Booties
    Super soft New Zealand lambskin booties. The perfect gift for tiny feet!
    NZ$ 39.95
  • Sophie the Giraffe
    This classic French toy is a "must-have" item for hip bubbas.
    NZ$ 39.95
  • Babu Merino Leggings
    These ultra-soft leggings in grey or rose are great for delicate baby skin.
    NZ$ 37.99
    NZ$ 27.99
  • Chocolate Bashful Bunny
    Beautiful dark chocolate coloured and super soft and snuggly!
    NZ$ 34.95
    Out Of Stock
  • Oh Grow Up
    Toddlers to teens are decoded in this fantastic book by Kathy Fray.
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 25.99