Kid O Floating Ducks

Kid O Floating Ducks
These eco-friendly bath ducks are a perfectly stylish baby gift.

A mother duck and her duckling nestled together to provide hours of fun for little ones in and out of the bath, this is the gift to buy for the mum (and bub) for whom style is everything.  The ducks come in a gift box made from 100% recycled packaging. 

Kid O is renowned for its stylish designs as well as its commitment to making creative toys to stimulate and engage children in open-ended play, all within an eco-friendly framework. 

In the bath, the duckling can follow its mother through the water, whilst out of the bath the two shapes rock together.

What parents have said...

"Ours have been banged around and have survived both bath play and water table play without breaking.  They have simple faces, just black dots for eyes and a yellow beak.  Because they are so simple I really think they foster imagination, often times I listen to my daughter making up water adventures for her “mama and baby ducks” and I like that aspect of the toys."

"Cleaning the Floating Ducks is a breeze, they are dishwasher safe and I pop them in on a quick cycle whenever they get grungy.  After 6 months of use I have yet to see any mold or mildew pop up in any of the seams on inside the ducks themselves.  I love that we can also use these ducks out of the bath, they rock on our hardwood floors."

"I do like that these are made of ABS plastic, which is recyclable and doesn’t contain BPA. These toys are frequently played with and I think a great investment."

A lovely gift to combine with our So'Pure Sophie the Giraffe Balls (also bath-friendly and made from natural rubber).



With a large rounded body and smooth edges, this aquatic floating friend is ready for bath time fun. Designed for small hands, this duck is easy to grasp and hold. The solid seams prevent water leaks for a long lasting water toy.